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The following pages are just some of the fantastic testimonials that I have received from both readers and advertisers down the years and would like to share with you. I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all those who take the time and effort to write to me and say how much they appreciate the magazine and also for all the other material sent to me on a regular basis. Without you my job would be so much more difficult. 

Thank You!

Mrs Doreen Buckler

Dear Chatterbox,

We get a copy of your magazine either from Finham Library or West Orchard Church and think it is excellent.

However as I have been suffering from heart failure and unable to go far to shop; we have taken advantage of the advertisements in your magazine. We have (my husband and myself) employed Fresh Ideas to renew our very large lounge curtains and also to reupholster a rocking chair and stool.

Shoe shops in the City being a no-go area, we went to Ascot Shoes in Albany Road and I am now the proud poss­essor of 4 pairs of narrow-fitting shoes which in fact I probably could not have bought in the City.

Our bedroom was very shabby and I persuaded ay husband that at nearly 80 he was too old to struggle with wall­papering so we employed Mr. David Chown who worked with a minimum of fuss and mess to produce an excellent result.

Whether you vet the advertisements or not, we have been extremely satisfied with the tradesmen employed.

Satnam Lal from Cheylesmore Electricals Ltd, Coventry

"We took over this establihed business in June 2007, we realised we had to continue to build our reputation and footfall and decided that Chatterbox Magazine would be perfect for this purpose, as it is a quality magazine with good editorial and it was the most cost effective way of reaching our potential customers. We have consistently advertised in the magazine since our opening and are really reaping the rewards. We are extremely pleased with the increase in our footfall and sales, we are now a distributer of the magazine and realise how very popular the magazine is with our customers, keep up the good work!"

Mr William Jackson

Dear Chatterbox,

I wish to renew my subscription to Chatterbox, please find enclosed cheque.
I have really enjoyed reading each issue, the articles are very interesting and informative, and the jokes…. Well the jokes! Very funny, just great!Keep up the good work, it’s very much 

David Chown Painter & Decorator from Coventry

"I started using Chatterbox Magazine over 3 years ago and have never missed advertising in an edition. The work I get from the magazine is more than adequate for a one person business and I have never had to advertise anywhere else, also I read Chatterbox from cover to cover, it's a great magazine, many thanks Christine!"

Jeanne Bamrick

Dear Chatterbox,

I was sitting in the waiting room of the consultants at Davenport Road the other day and picked up a copy of Chatterbox. I started reading it and thought what great reading it made. When reading some of the jokes I started to laugh out loud and forgot that there were other people there. When my daughter came out of the consultant's room and said she was ready to go, I told her what a laugh I had had and what a pity I had to put it back on the table when I would have like to have taken it home with me. Then I realised that it is a free magazine and took your details and wondered where I could obtain regular copies of it if possible. Incidentally, I must congratulate you on the wonderful job you make of it. Oh and I read in the Evening Telegraph the other night that your daughter has won a literary prize so I suppose it must run in the family. Hope you don't mind me writing to you and look forward to hearing from you.

Carol Fawkes

Dear Chrstine,

I am writing to request that the next advert in "Chatterbox" (June/July) should be my last advertisement. During the past 18 months I have been reducing my time within my practice and I now have less need for advertising.

It has been heartening to see how Chatterbox has grown since you first developed it and it is now a great success.

I hope all continues to progress well in the future.

Alan Smith & Sons Electrical Engineers

"We went into Christine's first ever edition of Chatterbox Magazine 14 years ago, and we got 12 phone calls from that first advertisement. When Christine phoned me up to see if I wanted to go back in to the next edition, I said yes, and leave me in forever, we have never looked back since, mind you, nor has Chatterbox Magazine!"


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